Monday, June 6, 2011

The Shoe Doctor

I usually write about jewelry-related subjects, but I think I'm going to stray a little off the beaten jewelry path today and talk about something I'm equally passionate about ...

Customer service, including going the extra mile and excellent work ethic.

I was in visiting with my apartment manager, Heather, about a couple of different items.  While we were chatting, a young woman dropped by to deliver some shoes to Heather.  I thought I recognized the young woman and indeed it was Tanya, who cleans apartments for our building management company, but after she handed me her business card, I realized she also has other talents.

Tanya is also The Shoe Doctor and not only does shoe repair, but also picks up, shines the shoes, and delivers them back to their delighted owner.  She was very personable, professional, and easy to talk with about what she does and in showing me her finished product (the shoes she delivered to Heather). 

Besides knowing how hard she works cleaning apartments and producing sparkling and timely results there, I was really impressed by her work ethic in having a second line of work repairing shoes.  However, what I really liked most of all was that she had figured out a way to not only save people money by repairing shoes, but also by serving up exceptional customer service and savings in time in terms of picking up shoes to be repaired and delivering repaired shoes for free.  I walked away from my chat with her feeling inspired by her example.

So, my thanks to Tanya, The Shoe Doctor, for the inspiration.  If you live in the Portland, Oregon area, give her a call at (503) 329-2274 for her shoe repair services and possibly some inspiration in customer service and work ethic!

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