Monday, August 16, 2010

Up On The Roof

I'm getting excited about my upcoming jewelry show.  The date is set (Thursday, September 16), the flier is in the final design phase, and I've started a to-do list.  It's often the hardest thing when planning an event to find a venue, but this turned out to be the easiest thing and literally right under my nose (or perhaps more properly over my head).  Anyhow, the venue is up on the roof of my apartment building, and I wanted to share some photos to show you why I'm particularly excited.

The roof didn't start out looking this way.  This apartment building was originally built in 1964,  and before that was once the site of the childhood home of John Reed, Portland journalist and author of "Ten Days That Shook The World"  (and for you movie buffs, "Reds" starring Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton was based on Reed's life). Forty-four or so years of Portland weather had taken its toll on the roof before the current owner completely renovated the building a couple of years ago and did a really gorgeous job with the roof. 


I'm trying hard not to get too far ahead of myself, keeping the to-do list close at hand, but I don't have too much trouble envisioning a jewelry show up on the roof, although I hope people won't be so distracted by the fabulous Portland views that they will forget to look at my jewelry.


  1. That is a great location! I could not be more excited for you.:)

  2. I think it is safe to say that even though the views are magnificent, your gorgeous jewelry pieces will be able to hold everyones attention! Great locale!